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You Are What You Digest

Updated: Mar 28

I am sure you have heard the phrase "You Are What You Eat," but they are only half right. The truth is "You Are What You Digest"

Your digestion is really what will navigate your body when it comes to health. All health and disease begin in your gut.

The state of your gut has an impact on your hormones, energy levels, mood, teeth, skin, weight, and many more.

If your digestion is compromised in any way, then all the super healthy food you are eating could still be causing you problems, and you might not be absorbing all the nutrients in that food.

When it comes to nutrient absorption, the most critical factor is the trillions of bacteria that live inside of your body.

The microbes in your gut play an important role in the function of the human body. They are responsible for everyday functions including digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

A healthy balance in your gut microbiome is so important for nutrient absorption 

Here are 4 tips to nurture and look after your gut health:

  • Include a wider selection of vegetables and fruit. These are rich in fibre which is amazing for your gut health. Fibre feeds the good bacteria in your gut. Different bacteria thrive on different food so variety is important.

  • Limit processed foods and drinks. This can be an easy win when it comes to looking after your gut microbiome. The processed food and drink feed the bad bacteria in your gut

  • Stress less. Stress shuts down digestion.

Stay hydrated. Drinking water flushes out toxins from your system. It helps to prevent constipation. Water also helps to keep your gut microbiome alive 

The Bottom Line Is This:

Looking after your gut health is important for optimal health. A diverse gut microbiome is associated with good health. An imbalance in your gut microbiome called dysbiosis can cause health problems and also affect the digestion of your food and the absorption of nutrients. Remember, you are what:

PS: if you need any help to improve your gut health, book a call here and let’s talk 

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