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My health programme testimonials

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Want to read some success stories and see just what I can do for you? See some feedback from past clients below. If you’d like to discuss your own circumstances, take up my FREE 30-minute strategy call offer and get in touch with me at Awesco Nutrition in Enfield. I also cover Broxbourne, Waltham Abbey, Waltham Cross, Edmonton, Cheshunt, Chingford, Palmers Green, and Winchmore Hill.

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Healthy eating

I'm so lucky to have met Anne on a Google search - she is such a talented and kind person. It was a pleasure working with her. I took the 8-week course and now that I'm towards the end, I'm happy to say I have learnt a lot through Anne. She has taught me how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise more, have less stress in life and also feel good with myself. Through the course, she was always willing to answer all my questions too and advise me on all the bad habits I used to have in the past. Also, she taught me a lot about ... gut health which is an important factor for a healthy lifestyle. Now I'm happy to say I know what the right things are to eat, because in the past I used to eat a lot of things that were wrong for me, and also, I have managed to lose some weight. I will definitely continue with all this and hopefully I will reach my goal. I will surely recommend her 100% to anyone. Thank you so much for a lovely journey.

Eleni N, London UK

Very professional

I was recommended to Awesco Nutrition by a friend of mine and I joined the 8 week programme to improve my gut health. Anne was understanding, approachable and very knowledgeable. She explained the science behind her recommendations and monitored me closely. I feel so much better within myself now. I can’t recommend Anne enough.

Gillian P, London UK

8 week nutrition programme

This was my first experience with a nutritionist and I had an amazing journey with Anne. I was looking for a nutritionist who was not relying on supplements but was happy to go a more natural way of healing the stomach through food and found Anne. I decided to take on the 8-week programme as I was completely lost with the ways to eat and struggling to manage my stomach ulcer.

Anne gave me the confidence that I will definitely be able to change my eating habits within 8 weeks and I absolutely did! Every week Anne taught me more about what, when to eat and about my gut health. I loved how she was able to always give you an alternative if you had weekly food budget.


The health benefits are slowly starting to show and I am definitely planning on following my new habits. I have much more energy and feel so much healthier than when I started. Thank you, Anne, for all your support, guidance, help, positivity and patience, it was a pleasure working with you. I would highly recommend Anne!

Diana R, London, UK

Amazing Anne at Awesco

I wasn't too sure about seeing a Nutritionist and mulled it over for a few weeks. I decided to look online and I came across Anne at Awesco. I instantly took a liking to her and contacted her. We arranged a meeting for the following week. I found Anne to be professional, kind, understanding, thorough, motivating and supportive. During my seven weeks Anne has been by my side which is what I needed. Anne made me think about what I was eating, how to and when to eat. It changed my whole mind set on food and my eating habits. The daily contact through the app is excellent and our weekly meetings helped so much. At week 7, I found that my metabolic age dropped by 2 years! I was not expecting this. My energy levels are on the up and my exercise mojo is on its way back.

Thank you Anne.

Gillian P, London UK

Exceptional service

Anne is ever the professional. From start to finish, the 8-week programme that Anne has been supporting me with has far exceeded my expectations. I wanted to lose some weight and to understand more about correct nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Anne has given me this and so much more! Not only does Anne work really hard to understand your goals, your motivations and your challenges, she provides really sensible, achievable and practical advice and tools with which to establish a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Anne's incredibly positive approach to her work demonstrates just how passionate she is about equipping her clients with the knowledge and motivation to make both small and large changes to the way that they live through diet, exercise, better sleep, less stress and overall wellbeing. I am absolutely delighted with the progress that I have made, and I feel far more educated about my own lifestyle and how I can sustain a healthier version of me. Thank you, Anne!

Christine D, London

Highly recommend

Anne is an incredibly warm and caring person, who is truly invested in helping with each and every problem and struggle. I felt that she listened to everything I was going through and made lifestyle changes that would work for me and my family - now and going forward. No fad diets or one size-fits-all in sight. Just great advice, loads of nifty tips and tricks to make everything manageable and great accountability to help form new habits over 8 weeks.

Tabitha S, London UK

Life changing

This past couple of months with Anne have been life changing.

I thought I was quite a healthy person, but after being told I was pre—diabetic, I realised my thoughts about food were wrong. Anne has educated me on what, when, and how to eat. The regular meetings and different stages of the process each week, along with daily communication on the app made it really easy to make changes and follow the plan.

I've learned so much. It's amazing to know the effects of what you put in your body, and Anne has so much knowledge. My mindset in regard to good food and healthy eating has totally changed. I now have a better understanding of foods. This is all down to Anne.

Nichole G, London UK

Patient and caring

Anne is a very energetic, positive and prepared professional. She guided me through understanding the principles of good nutrition with patience and care. She listened to my struggles and offered alternatives. Her methodology is simple to understand and the coaching style helps see one's journey in a more comprehensive way, which takes into consideration life holistically. Thank you for your patience, Anne :)

Laura S, London, UK

Very good experience

Very good experience! Anne has taught me a lot about nutrition and has given me the tools to start my nutrition journey.

Portia A, London

Amazing Awesco

Anne at Awesco Nutrition has been absolutely amazing. I am so glad I joined her programme. I was previously quite apprehensive as I didn't know what to expect and I quite liked my lifestyle which included eating out regularly and enjoying takeaways. What I wasn't enjoying was the steady weight gain, sluggishness and lack of energy - so I knew something had to be done.

Anne was supportive from the start and made this process much easier than I expected. She was there to cheer me on, and to make me accountable also. I have learned so much through her clear explanations.

At week 4 and 5, I started to see noticeable changes in my weight loss and energy levels, and I was ecstatic that at week 5, my metabolic age had dropped by 8 years!

What Anne has taught me is priceless. I now have the knowledge to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. If you want a health and weight loss solution that works, this is it! Thank you Anne.

Christine D, London

Life changing experience

I highly recommend. Anne is very reliable and professional. Throughout the whole course, she was determined to heal my gut. I can tell she really does care about helping her clients. She was free all the time to message even late nights, she would be happy to give me a call and to give me extra advice on how to help myself, even when I had down days where I wanted to give up, she supported me the whole way throughout. Thank you Anne!

Annais K, London, UK

Heather T, UK

Anne has helped me with a few health issues and is a lovely person to work with. She really knows her stuff, inspires confidence and is very supportive. I feel she's put me on the right track for improving my health - highly recommended!

H. T, London, UK

A great experience

My sessions with Anne have been so helpful and have really set me in the right direction for improving my health. Anne is great to work with, knowledgeable, encouraging and motivational! Highly recommended.

A great experience

My sessions with Anne have been so helpful and have really set me in the right direction for improving my health. Anne is great to work with, knowledgeable, encouraging and motivational! Highly recommended.

Anne is an exemplar nutritionist

Anne is an exemplar nutritionist. Her method of easing you into the process of leading toward a healthier lifestyle is the epitome of a sustainable and achievable way. She explains to you the impact food has on your body, the detrimental effect of inflammation in your guts, the types of food you should eat and at what time - and why! She teaches you the correct portion sizes, what colours of food you should have on your plate, the perfect combination of carbs, protein and fibre. She provides you with recipes unbeknownst to people that taste absolutely fabulous. She supports you the whole way through and I'd have paid her ten times more than what she charges to have got the lifelong knowledge I have gained from her after following her for a mere short few weeks. Anne is super positive and will get your morale sky high. The app she uses to track your every mouthful will keep you accountable and provides you with your very own food log without you even realising. Thank you Anne for truly changing lives. I couldn't recommend Anne to every single human being in the world more. Even if you're fit as a fiddle and have read every health book under the sun, I can guarantee you that Anne will teach you something you didn't know. She will transform your life whilst doing the thing that she loves best - helping people.

Suzan, London, UK

I would not hesitate to recommend

I am very grateful to have used the exceptional services of Awesco Nutrition.

Anne, the nutritionist, provided a unique service to transform my lifestyle in a way that can be described as professional.

Awesco Nutrition met me at the very point of my expressed needs and in so doing exceeded my expectation.

I would not hesitate to recommend the programme the business offers to potential clients looking to invest in their health.

Awesco Nutrition is super and positioned to meet the challenges of tomorrow in providing a unique service tailored to every need.

Augustine Adu-Bosompem

Customer Review Picture

Revolutionary approach to health

After years of yo-yo dieting, with losing weight but gaining again with interest, COVID happened which slowed me down and piled on more weight. Fracturing my ankle made this worse, I was at the heaviest I had ever been. I finally turned to Awesco Nutrition which in 3 months has helped me to shed weight to pre-COVID levels, increasing stamina and improving overall health. Awesco is not a diet, it is a revolutionary approach to improving health outcomes: in my case to improve health, take care of gut flora and lose weight. Awesco does not merely give you information and leave you, but provides regular follow ups, ready advice, ease of access and accountability. On this life plan, I know I will not only beat the bulge, but continue to improve health outcomes.

Thank you Awesco, from a grateful customer. X

Pearline S, UK

Can’t thank Anne enough

I have been working with Anne for about 6 weeks now. I came to her when I was at my lowest due to being overweight. At times I wouldn’t leave the house because I thought people might laugh at me. I didn’t want someone to tell me I looked good and I was beautiful - I needed someone to explain food to me - explain why things were good and bad and how I make it work for me. Long story short - in just 6 weeks I’ve got it all under control and am running around town in my skinny jeans. Can’t thank Anne enough and have no hesitation in recommending her.

Mandi S, UK

Life changing experience

I contacted Anne via a Google search. The initial phone call went very well. She took the time to listen to me about my concerns. Her knowledge is exceptional. My first meeting in person went very well. I left there feeling very confident and excited. Anne helped me change my terrible diet and fluids. Highly motivated me and was always available no matter what time it was. The app she has is amazing and very simple to use. Anne has changed my life and I feel so different within myself. Anne you are truly amazing and I thank you so much.

Kadri E, London UK

Constructive advice

Anne Anyia at Awesco has a calm, professional and encouraging manner, which creates the right atmosphere for understanding the most effective way of taking up a better diet. She asks the right questions! The result, in my case at least, has been to realise what food is good (and bad) for me, and why. I’ll happily recommend this service.

Anne W, UK

Awesco Nutrition provides excellent service

I was introduced to Awesco Nutrition by a friend who had just completed her 6-week programme. I was sceptical at first, as I had tried many programmes in the past with limited success. Anne was fantastic to work with. She is very enthusiastic about promoting the health and well-being of her clients. I enjoyed the weekly connect and support provided through the Better Health app. She was always available to answer questions and provide recommendations even during my weekly grocery shopping. Her what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat strategy has literally changed the way I think about food. She uses evidence-based self-management and self-monitoring strategies to support lifestyle changes. She really sets you up for success and I would highly recommend her services.

Fola F, Canada

Feeling so good

I wanted to share my experience with working with Anne. I have been struggling for a long period of time to lose weight and tried different diets that didn't work at all or were working for losing 2 -3 kilos and then stopped. I took the 10 week programme with Anne. She has helped me with coaching me throughout the weeks on different topics such as how to choose the food I eat, why do we need to eat a balanced diet, what to do when I am hungry and how can I follow a diet that is friendly with my body. I have IBS so cannot eat some types of food. I was able to lose 5 kilos but most of all I know now how to follow a healthy diet that does not restrict me for food categories. Thank you for all your help, Anne.

Ele E, UK


Anne Anyia was so supportive throughout the whole sessions that I had with her. Not only she is a great nutritionist, but she was always there to listen to my problems which were not even food-related. … She believes mental health is as important as healthy eating in order to get a better lifestyle. I would definitely recommend Awesco Nutrition.

Eva E, UK

Can help you turn your life around

Anne’s course is a nurturing and healthy plan. She wants you to feel good as well as look good. Step by step, she encourages you to take a look at your habits and tweak them so that you can start feeling healthier and slimmer. If you’re looking for someone to help you get healthy in body, mind and spirit, Anne would be a fantastic person to help you on this journey. She has been immensely helpful to me, and I highly recommend her.

Katherine V, UK

High cholesterol

Had high cholesterol level over the last 10 years. At the time, my doctor suggested that I should take Statin. I did not take Statin but during this period my cholesterol level was between 5.5 to 6.2. mmol/L. Recent test carried out showed that my cholesterol level had increased further to 6.73 mmol/L.

I contacted Anne of Awesco Nutrition to see if she could help.
Anne presented a plan which included a change in diet.
I followed the new plan for four weeks and then took another cholesterol test.

The result of the test revealed that my cholesterol level had dropped to 4.51mmol/L.

Changing my diet in this short time frame had a dramatic effect on my cholesterol level and for the first time in years my cholesterol level is within the recommended NHS specification. 

For anyone who has issues with diet, gut health or high cholesterol - and is determined to improve their health - please contact Anne of Awesco Nutrition. The information and advice could be invaluable.

Ron T, UK

Highly recommended A+++++

Highly recommend Anne at Awesco Nutrition A+++. I took up the 8-week course. Anne is very knowledgeable, she provided me with a blueprint guide to improve my life with a work life balance. After 8 weeks, I have improved my overall health, reduced my weight but at the same time improved by gut health and reduced all inflammation in my body by making a few lifestyle changes. Most importantly, Anne provides a plan that is sustainable long term. Do not hesitate, call Anne today.

Chris C, UK

Investing in my health is priceless, best decision ever

ANNE was simply amazing during my 8-week programme. She was motivating, bringing education, direction, as well as being available constantly for guidance via a great app. She's never too busy to help. I've learnt so much - I didn't realise there was so much to learn in relation to the food we eat. From week one, I started recommending Awesco Nutrition to family and friends. I met a friend last night who I also saw at the start of my programme. Now having completed my 8 weeks, she couldn't believe my transformation in respect of how much weight I'd lost. Losing weight was important but wasn't my top priority, it was my health. Thank you Anne for enabling me to achieve in both these areas. One of my best moments lately is being able to wear one of my favourite trousers which has been at the back of my wardrobe for a few years because it simply couldn't fit. I'm feeling so much better about my health, my BP has also reduced and feeling more energised.


All thanks to Anne and Awesco Nutrition.

Verna B, UK

Awesco Nutrition

Within the last six month.s I started to put on weight. Although I was exercising regularly and thought I was on a good diet eating lots of fruits and vegetables, I was not able to lose the weight. I found a nutritionist online and booked a six week session with Anne of Awesco Nutrition to discuss a strategy of tackling the problem. It is quite clear to me that I did not understand the balance between the type of food I was eating and the effect it was having on my overall health.

The information and guidance presented in this programme is a long term strategy for losing weight.

Whilst writing this review I am still on the programme and Anne is always available to speak to me and give advice.

Anne is very positive, likeable and a good mentor and I truly believe that she has been an inspiration to me.

Awesco Nutrition is professionally run and I would recommend it to anyone having difficulty in general health issues.

Ellenar T, UK

I cannot express how happy I am with my results

I have just finished a round of coaching sessions with Anne and I cannot express how happy I am with my results. I had been having major issues with back pain caused by inflammation. Anne was able to give me guidance about food groups to avoid to reduce the inflammation and the relief I have felt has been immeasurable.

The accountability provided through the Better Health app is so effective in helping you stay on track as it enables instant feedback from Anne about meal choices and portion sizes.

Anne is knowledgeable, supporting and accessible and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to lose weight and improve their overall health.

Tracey C, UK

My journey on the Awesco Nutrition programme

My journey on this programme was simply amazing. The programme far exceeded my expectations. I found Anne to be patient, kind, encouraging, professional and easy to engage with. Anyone looking to gain insight into healthy eating, cooking and how to keep the weight off as well as improve on your mental health, then you must not delay any further and get onto the programme - it's a life changing experience. It's the best gift to myself this year.

D. Akposheri


Anne is very knowledgeable and motivated to help you achieve your goals. This is my second time using her services and I can happily say I have achieved my goals yet again. I would highly recommend.

Aphrodite V, UK

Fabulous nutritionist

… it dawned on me that I am not really as healthy as I thought - even though I took pride in eating fruit and salads. To actually understand what to eat, when to eat and the impact of certain foods on your body, that’s what Anne helped me see.

Anne is a fabulous nutritionist. She is professional, knowledgeable and was very supportive during and even after the process. I was struggling with acid reflux and found out that by simply removing and introducing a few things to my diet, I got better. That's a plus to gut health.

The menus were so helpful, got my imagination going. If you are looking for a quick fix, it's not going to happen here. What I got is permanent changes to continue with a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Anne.

Omo Orekoya

Supported me daily with her app

Fantastic experience with Anne.

I contacted Anne as I wanted to lose weight and everything I tried failed. Anne gave me a plan and programme which was easy to follow and supported me daily with her app. She taught me how and when to eat and changed my whole mindset on food. She is inspirational and I would recommend to everyone!!!! Thank you Anne for all your help!!!

Lucy Katsantonis

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Contact Anne!

I recently found out that I'm prediabetic & was encouraged to lose weight. So I needed a life change & not just a diet. I’ve tried SO many different ways to do this & NONE of them worked. I finally asked Anne to help me & I’m honestly BLOWN AWAY with what she has done in my life in just 6 weeks!

If encyclopedias could talk, I swear they would sound like Anne lol. She IS a well of information and can answer any question you throw at her or can quickly find the answer for you. If you let her guide you, you will walk out of her programme totally changed. Period.

In our 2nd last zoom session, I was in tears because I didn’t realise HOW MUCH she cares about her clients. Because Anne cares like she does, her programme is effective.

My bridges of old thinking have been burned. I’m now on the path that I wanted to be on but didn’t know how to get here. Now it’s YOUR turn. Welcome to boot camp. Trust me, you’re going to LOVE it but you need to be ALL IN, like your new coach: Anne.

Shyla, Canada

The recipes were on the whole excellent

A really helpful holistic approach to wellbeing as well as weight loss. The recipes were on the whole excellent. You don't really miss carbs. The personal touch in the shape of video calling helps you to feel supported.

Alex Emmanuel

Customer Result Picture

I am very impressed with the service

My goal was to adopt a sustainable healthy nutrition that could be effortlessly adopted.

From the very first session, Anne did not just concentrate on nutrition but all areas that affected general wellbeing including sleep and exercise. She was always on hand to answer questions and there were always better alternatives which she had thoroughly researched and recipes she suggested were really great.

Her depth of knowledge is outstanding. With her help I am working on achieving a better sleep pattern. She is always on hand to help and very quick to answer any queries I have on choice of products when I go shopping.

Anne certainly equipped me with tools and resources I needed to record my nutrition and make the right choices. It was not a "diet" but a gradual lifestyle change.

I am very impressed with the service I got and would recommend her any day.

Angela Chukura

Brilliant service

I highly recommend Anne, who helped me achieve my health goals. Her knowledge and approach are brilliant, my best investment this year. Outstanding.

Janet Edwards, UK

Fantastic help

I started my journey with Anne in January and with her knowledge, support and guidance, I have been able to turn my life around and have improved gut health. If you need help with getting your tummy on the right track and for better health, book in to see Anne, she’s amazing!

Louise Celestine, UK

A really helpful holistic approach

A really helpful holistic approach to wellbeing as well as weight loss. The recipes were on the whole good. You don't really miss carbs. The personal touch in the shape of video calling helps you to feel supported.


Not a diet but a lifestyle change

Excellent support, excellent encouragement, down to earth person, offers realistic goals, just what the doctor ordered! A new approach which can work for anyone with great results!


Fantastic guidance, brilliant results

Anne has been so incredibly supportive in so many ways that I see her as my own brilliant life coach. Not only have I lost 7kgs in a healthy and sustainable manner, I have also been educated on how all aspects of my life deserve the same amount of care and attention. She has transformed my perspective, away from obsessing about that number on bathroom scales, and towards a more holistic approach to health in general.

She has opened my eyes to new ways of cooking and how the body responds to certain foods. She’s brilliantly positive, she teaches me not to be too hard on myself, and she always keeps me centred on what is most important.

I couldn’t recommend her any higher.

Omo Orekoya

A weight loss exercise

I booked an 8 week course with Anne, started on it not quite knowing what to expect & then found that I loved every minute of it & could easily go through it all again.

Anne made you go on a journey but she was with you every step of the way. There was no question too hard or too silly that you couldn't ask and she offered alternatives to suggested ideas if they were needed. It was a really professional service, that was excellent value for money and I would definitely use them again.

Anne comes highly recommended, so if you're thinking about using her services, stop thinking and do it!

MezinoO ( review)

Anne managed to make me whole again in 12 weeks!

Working in Finance, I typically have long hours and stressful days. Looking back, when I initially reached out to Anne for a consultation, I believe I was nearing the point of burnout … of mental exhaustion. I remember, I would sleep for 8-9 hours and wake up still feeling tired with dark circles. I exercised at least 4-5x a week and my diet was fairly decent, but I was gaining weight. I couldn’t understand what was happening. It was like pieces of me were all over the place and Anne managed to make me whole again in 12 weeks!


I read somewhere the other day, “I’ve got 99 problems… but healing my gut solved like 89 of them”. And that is the truth of what Anne did for me. She is more than a nutritionist, she’s the wellness coach you’ve been searching for!

I read somewhere the other day, “I’ve got 99 problems… but healing my gut solved like 89 of them”. And that is the truth of what Anne did for me. She is more than a nutritionist, she’s the wellness coach you’ve been searching for!

Awesome nutrition

Anne has been very helpful. I’ve tried many diets in the past and have ultimately failed at all of them. Anne provides a structure whereby you can proceed for the long term. Truly a new way of living. Best thing of all was how easy she’s made it and doesn’t feel like a “sacrifice”. Would recommend 100%.

Cadron M

Practical advice and guidance for all my health and fitness needs

I absolutely love Anne. She has such practical advice and guidance for all my health and fitness needs. Super passionate and enthusiastic, I have loved all our time together - thank you!"

My Shop Eclectic

I can gladly say I am now at my goal weight

I approached Anne to help me lose some weight over a short period of time and after participating in her 6 week programme, I can gladly say I am now at my goal weight. I cannot recommend Anne enough if you want help to lose weight, she was thoughtful and knowledgeable. Positively persistent and gave me all the tools I needed to get to where I am now.

Aphrodite Vasili

Healthy choices make healthy lifestyle changes

Signing up with Awesco Nutrition was undoubtedly one of the best choices I have made. Initially, like many others, I was mainly after losing the extra weight I piled up during the 1st lockdown, until I met with Anne & learned to look at the bigger picture of things; the overall mental & physical wellness & how the right mindset can be the game changer & the most powerful tool to achieve our physical/ healthy lifestyle goals. It was a journey full of support, guidance, commitment, knowledge, motivation, recommendations, positivity, discipline, great lifestyle choices & changes, progression & results. Most importantly packed with total NUTRITION!

I can’t recommend & thank her enough for always being easily approachable at every single step & for her continuous support & guidance to educate / discipline me on various foods and their effects on our bodies, hence making it an achievable and sustainable lifestyle for me.

Anyone willing to make healthy changes, she’s the one. Rest assured!

SamihaK-1 ( review)

Highly recommended nutritionist

Anne is brilliant! I feel she is not just a nutritionist but a life coach that will support you reach your goals through a holistic approach. It has been great to work with her and I have taken away amazing life hacks that will help me through the rest of my life!

Healthy Lunch

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