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Mindful Eating – Chew Your Food Properly

Updated: Mar 28

Chewing your food properly supports your gut health. The entire digestive process starts in your mouth, with chewing. Chewing is often underestimated, but it is important for proper digestion. The simple act of chewing breaks food down into pieces that are more easily digested. Saliva mixes with the food and the process of breaking down food into a form that your body can absorb begins. The more you break down food in your mouth, the less work has to be done later.

Saliva contains amylase, the enzyme that helps to chemically break down carbohydrates. The enzymes in the mouth mix with the chewed food and literally change its properties. If food does not stay in the mouth long enough, it is not exposed to amylase to break down the carbohydrates – there is very little carbohydrate digestion in the stomach, and if food gets there without being properly digested, the stomach has to work harder.

Chewing your food properly forces you to slow down when eating and allows for the 20 minutes it takes before the brain receives the signal so you do not overeat. One thing I recommend to my clients is to always sit down to eat, away from every distraction, settle down and chew properly (counting 30 in their head) before swallowing. I also recommend you put your cutlery down between mouthfuls – then when you have finished chewing and swallowing, pick up your cutlery and take the next mouthful. Putting your cutlery down between mouthful can give you a sense that the food has been chewed enough. Chewing properly is not only an important part of the digestive process but it is also beneficial to your overall health. It supports your digestion and nutrient absorption.

For optimal health, it is important to pay attention to your gut, if you have any gut health issues or need any support with your gut health, book your complimentary strategy call.

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