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Keeping Your Immune System Strong

A strong immune system will keep you resilient to whatever the day brings

It is important to look after yourself and continue to support your immune system with your diet and your lifestyle.

A strong immune system will keep you resilient to whatever the day brings.

None of us is invulnerable to getting sick, but there are many ways we can keep infections at bay so that we can consistently perform at a high level with our work, family and relationships

When you make your immune health a priority, other things fall into place too: you reduce your risk of disease, lower inflammation, support a healthy gut and become an amazing fat burner.

These 4 Wells are so important for a strong immune system:

1. Eat Well - It is important to cut down on processed junk food and eat more whole natural food which your gut can easily digest. Eating well will keep you fighting fit

2. Move Well - It is important for you to stay active and keep moving. Keeping up regular, daily exercise will play an important role in helping to maintain a strong immune system. Your immune system is responsive to exercise. Find the exercise you enjoy and move well.

3. Sleep Well - Inadequate sleep has been linked to a number of health problems. Research found that getting enough sleep helps the T cells in your body fight off infection. Sleep helps the immune system so sleep well.

4. Rest Well - It is important to take time to switch off, rest, restore and be renewed. You will feel much more able to face whatever the day brings. Pay attention to your thoughts and manage your stress. Rest helps the immune system so rest well.

One Final Thing...

Living in the midst of a pandemic can be scary but don't let that fear control your life. Fear creates stress and any type of stress will compromise your immune system. 

Remember the 4 Wells. Support your immune system and look after yourself.

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