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Feel Fabulous Now Weight Loss Is A Journey

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for a while, it’s easy to get stuck with some pretty dis-empowering views about yourself. It’s also incredibly common for people to pretty much put their life on hold until they reach their goals.

If you’ve ever caught yourself saying, ‘everything will perfect when ...I want you to know that the mythical ‘someday’ that you're dreaming of will never come. ‘Someday’ doesn’t exist. There is only now and I want you to know, that you are perfect just the way you are (even if you feel there are some things you’d like to change about your life).

I want to share an exercise I think will really help you feel much more positive about your weight loss journey and also have some fun along the way. Really, this is possible!

The exercise is to visualize your way to success to achieve success

Wanting' success is not enough. You must learn to create it yourself. Until you do it, are it, or have it then visualizing what "it" is, is the best way to keep the goal in the forefront of your conscious mind and in the active part of your subconscious.

As you visualize something, over time your subconscious mind will re-programme itself to achieve your goal. This is far more effective than concentrating on what you don't want

There is a famous study with basketball players: one group were told to practice taking shots at the hoop for 20 minutes a day, another group to do nothing and the third group, to imagine taking shots.

Those who did nothing did not improve. Those who practiced or imagined practicing improved at the same level. Incredible, right? This is because the same neurological pathways fire in both instances. Steal this trick yourself and set yourself up for success by imagining success!

You are amazing and you should feel good about yourself now! Don’t wait until you reach your target weight. 

Remember, it’s OK to spend a little time working on looking good, whatever that means for you. Feel fabulous now weight loss is a journey and you will get there

If you need help to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way I am here to help, you can book your complimentary strategy call

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