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Extreme Diet Tactics Do Not Work

Are you still yo-yo dieting?

Dieting does not work and it ends up causing you more harm than good, not just to your physical health, but also to your emotional and mental health.

Yo-yo dieting is extremely unhealthy. Dieters often suffer from depression, lack of confidence and damaged self-esteem.

Be kind to yourself. Weight loss is a journey that should involve genuine lifestyle changes for it to be long-term and sustainable.

You don't need to deprive or torture yourself or make your life miserable by trying diet plans that don't work.

Here are 6 small but effective steps to help you get back on track and stay healthy::

✅Stop Snacking

Every time you eat, your blood sugar rises. When your blood sugar rises, you raise insulin. When insulin is raised you shut down fat burning because insulin is a fat storing hormone. When you eat real healthy food every 4 to 6 hours, you shouldn't feel the need to snack. This will keep your blood sugar nice and stable, which eliminates hunger and cravings

✅ Stay Hydrated

Even mild dehydration can raise levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that stores fat around your middle area when it stays elevated when it should not be. Staying hydrated throughout the day will help you stay healthy. Many times, that you think you are hungry, you may actually be thirsty

✅ Get Enough Sleep

Researchers found that just 1 hour of sleep deprivation five nights a week led to less fat loss.

✅ Manage Your Stress

One study found that those with high levels of stress were more likely to gain weight.

✅ Step Up Your Fibre Intake

One study found that people who added 14g of fibre to their diet daily lost an average of 4 pounds. It is important to gradually increase your fibre intake. Easy fibre sources include non-starchy vegetables, nuts, seeds, avocado and berries

✅ Exercise

It is important for you to move and move well. Find the exercise you enjoy and keep it going. Strength training is great for fat loss.

The Bottom Line

Weight loss is a journey that involves genuine lifestyle changes. Changing your lifestyle is not a quick fix. Embrace and trust the process Extreme diet tactics do not work and often times you even gain more weight and more...

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