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Awesco Nutrition Start Page – “Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food” – Hippocrates

Welcome to the Awesco Nutrition Start Page

Nutrition For Good Health

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Awesco Nutrition

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Nourish Your Body, Maintain a Healthy Weight, Feel Fabulous With So much Energy And Regain Vitality.. 

I help working women over 40 who are overweight and have low energy achieve dramatic weight loss, more energy and vitality using my zest for life weight loss coaching system that does require fads or crash dieting!

I work in a unique combined way giving you more support through the right nutrition and coaching.  

By showing you WHAT TO EAT AND HOW TO EAT FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH, I can help you take back control of your health and give you back your zest for life!

My clients say working with me has changed their lives. Would you like to join them?

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I contacted Anne in August 2017 because I needed help planning my diet. I am a vegetarian, and I have also just started an intensive exercise regime. 

Anne took an overview of the food I usually eat, recommended alternatives and provided advice. For instance, Anne found that I was eating too many cashew nuts ( two packs per week) .

Anne devised a two weeks menu for me which has been amazing. I am now able to avoid snacking during the day as well as eat less at night. 

I spend less time thinking about what I should eat because it is all planned out . I just follow the menu. Believe it or not I am actually enjoying cooking. 

I have since had my son assessed and a menu compiled for him too. So far he is willing to try more vegetables and that is a good start. 

I would definitely recommend Anne to my friends, in order to help them develop a healthier lifestyle.

Kay, ChingFord, London

Anne is a very professional and caring nutritionist. She was able to recommend to me the best foods to help me loose weight. Thanks to Anne I now live a more healthier balanced life.

Elle T, London

When I came to Anne, I had a lot of digestive problems especially constipation and bloating. She gave me various recommendations to change my diet and my lifestyle. Her recommendations really worked for me.  She was so caring, patient and professional. I no longer have problems with constipation and bloating. Thanks to Anne. I feel so much lighter and healthier. I would definitely recommend her to everyone.

Bajre J, Enfield, UK

“We first saw Anne in October 2015 as we were struggling to lose weight. Anne suggested going on a gluten, dairy and egg free diet to find out what we are intolerant to. We also incorporated flaxseed into our diet, limited the amount of fruit and increased our vegetable intake.After Anne’s recommendations, we have lost over a stone each and feel more energised. It has made our diet much more interesting and I am enjoying cooking our meals.

We would recommend Anne to anyone without hesitation.”

Martin and Wendy C, London, UK

I just wanted to write a short testimonial about my experience and my road to heal Ulcerative Colitis through a diet suggested by my nutritionist Anne (Awesco Nutrition). I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis one year ago by a gastroenterologist back in my country. He put me on steroids and salofalks during the first month and he managed to calm my symptoms down. However as far as known Ulcerative Colitis is not a fully cured disease. Nevertheless now I feel better using the advices and the diet Anne put me on. I haven’t had flare ups since May 2015 and now its February 2016. I feel more energetic, comfortable and fresh on the diet Anne put me on. I would definitely recommend you to try her out. She can save your stomach , as she saved mine. 

Dren G, London, UK

I went to see Anne as in October 2015 as I was suffering from IBS symptoms and was looking to improve my health and diet. She advised that I do a food intolerance test and cut out certain foods from my diet. Her recommendations and advice certainly worked for me as I am getting fitter, healthier and even lost some weight.

I am happy with her service and I have no hesitation in recommending her nutritional expertise to everyone.


Toks O, London, UK